Distributing an application.

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I've been running around your forums and help files and I can't find a definitive answer as to how to properly do licensing.

I'm creating a class library to automate unit testing of databases. Originally, I added references to RedGate.Sql.Shared, RedGate.SqlCompare.Engine, and RedGate.SqlDataCompare.Engine to my project (in VS2005)

I have added a licenses.licx file as an embedded resource to my project.

When I try to compile my project, licesnses.licx has two errors, both looking for RedGate.Licensing.Client.dll in my resources folder. I can copy it over (along with the RedGate.Licensing.Helper.dll). Should I add these as references to my project and distribute them with my library, it doesn't seem like these would need to be distributed.


  • Even if I put them into a Resources folder but don't include them in the project, they are copied to my \bin\debug\ directory.

    all 5 files along with my DatabaseUnitTesting.dll are present, do all need to be distributed with the app?
  • Figured it out, the Licensing dlls don't need to be distributed with the app, but might be needed for initial activations
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    Hi Alex,

    You've scored a bulls-eye there. The licensing components are called only at application build-time. Once they've done their job, they embed a licence into your assembly and won't be needed any more when you deploy the application. You'll only need to send your executable and the Red Gate assemblies you've referenced.
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