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Objects by owner

SapperCSSapperCS Posts: 3
edited June 20, 2007 11:30AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I have a database with several tables, each with a different owner. These tables are accessed using a partitioned view. Most procedure access is done through this view. All tables within the view are of course referenced by the owner IE: [database].b]owner[/b.. Each of the tables and the view (owned by dbo) are all named the same table name.

This is causing Dependency Tracker to display each procedure that depends on the view to directly report as depending on each table as opposed to depending on the view, then having the view depend on the tables. Maps for quite a messy view in DP.

Is there a tag I can add to my code, or a setting I can set in DP to display properly, or am I out of luck because of my database schema.

Daniel L Johnston Jr.
Database Developer/Administrator
Kincaid Technologies


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    Ok, I have been working to get a better layout of the schema I was complaining about yesterday and have found that it does layout the map properly. All calls are going through the partitioned view and then on to the various tables.

    I would like to request that the object owner be displayed in the object box within the map. This would make identifying the same named objects possible on printout. The object owner does display as a tool tip when I hover my mouse, but kind of tough to do just that when I have printed out the map.

    Sorry for the mis report earlier. Love your tool, keep up the good work.
    Daniel L Johnston Jr.
    Database Developer/Administrator
    Kincaid Technologies
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