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SQB2MTFGUI fails on multi-threaded backups?

marclallenmarclallen Posts: 53 Bronze 3
edited June 21, 2007 6:20AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
While I've never had a completed backup be bad, I suppose it might have been in this case, however...

I backed up a 17GB database, using compression 1 and two threads. When converting it to an MTF file using SQB2MTFGUI, it generated two backup files. I didn't expect that, and didn't know if I am supposed to restore them in order or not?

Anyhow, not only did I get two files, but the two files were only about 1.5MB each, so I really don't think it properly did the extraction/conversion.



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    Hi Marc

    If you perform a multithread backup and then use the sqb2mtf utility it will create one file per thread.
    This is expected behaviour. This is explained in the help file but not very well, and should be edited for the next release.
    The reason it happens is that although you see one file it is in fact written as several and then "glued" together. If you would like a more technical explanation i can ask a developer to write something down to send to you.

    As for the small files can you check that the GUI version of sqb2mtf you are using is the latest (5.1). There was a problem with 5.0 sqb2mtf gui and an update was only put on the labs site recently.
    Can you try using the command line version that came with the application, or the new GUI version?

    Also if you fine the user interface version helpful can you post some feedback about it on the relevant thread so that we can consider including it in the release schedule and supporting it.

    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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