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Has anyone got Refactor working on 64 bit SQL / Vista?

I've come to really depend on it, and it won't install on Vista 64 bit with SQL 64 bit :(

If there's a work-around I'd love to hear about it...
Tim Hobbs


  • When you say it won't install, what exactly is happening? Do you get an error at all?

    You might like to check that you have the latest version of SQL Refactor (v1.1), as any version prior to that will probably not work with Vista...

    Red Gate
  • I've got the latest version, and already have it installed on my laptop (32 bit Vista) without any trouble.

    When I try to install on 64-bit Vista I get the error

    "Error 1327: Invalid Drive: H:\"
    Tim Hobbs
  • Sorry, should have made clear that I do have a H: drive (it's a network drive that has my 'Documents' folder on it). I've got full permissions to it.
    Tim Hobbs
  • Thanks for that. As far as we are aware, this is an error with the installer. Can you have a look at the following link and see if any of the information there helps?


    By the sounds of it, this doesn't have anything to do with a CD or DVD ROM, and you probably haven't changed your OS disk letter. So you might like to check the registry as described in that article. We don't hard code drive paths in our software either.

    Red Gate
  • Simon, thanks for the tip. I went through the whole lot and it made not the slightest bit of difference.

    However, I logged onto my computer under a brand new profile and it installed fine. Very odd indeed, but problem solved and I have Refactor running nicely on 64-bit

    Thanks again

    Tim Hobbs
  • Very odd indeed ... but I'm glad to hear it's working :)
    Red Gate
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