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De-activate SQL Backup?

aaron.bertrandaaron.bertrand Posts: 24
edited June 15, 2007 10:38AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
How can I de-activate SQL Backup? We took a server down and are now trying to run SQL Backup on another machine, but:

Activate License - Failed
Process Activation Request - Failed
The serial number has been registered on too many different machines

Refresh server information - Pending
Operation pending.

We are no longer going to be using the product on the former server, and would like to know if we can update whatever database Red-Gate uses to track activations. I am fairly certain it is not sufficient to merely remove the "Serial number" key from the registry on the activated machine. In fact it looks like someone in IT already uninstalled the product on that machine in preparation for a rebuild/repurpose.


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