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Shortcut keys no longer work? and 'funny' version

WeeeBobWeeeBob Posts: 16
edited June 19, 2007 5:29AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
When I downloaded SQL Prompt (and SQL refactor) to do my 14 day trial. I'm sure there where shortcut keys to do important things, like CTRL+ B +L to layout sql.

I recently downloaded and installed a new version, now i don't seem to have the shortcut keys for anything, the menu items don't list anything beside them and..

I am also unsure what version i do have.....

The About SQL Prompt item lists the version as
If I check for updates it tells me its uptodate and the version is

which window is correct? or have I screwed the install up?



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    Thanks for your post.

    As far as I am aware the shortcut keys are still valid in the most recent version of SQL Refactor, version 1.1. SQL Refactor is the tool that has functions such as lay out SQL. I would check the version you have of Refactor, and upgrade to the latest if necessary. For example, SQL Refactor 1.0 doesn't have support for SQL Server 2005 sp2.

    SQL Prompt doesn't have any shortcut keys listed from the SQL Prompt menu bar in SSMS.

    The version reported when using check for updates has been known to be a little unreliable. The development team are aware of this and are working on a solution for future versions. Using help > About is a far more reliable way of finding your version.

    I hope this information is helpful.
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    Decided to remove and reinstall SQL refactor and SQL Prompt (as I am running the latest versions)

    After reinstall the shortcut keys are working again! joy!!

    bizarre how they stopped working, but least its sorted.

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