getting an entry into request.servervariables

jay turnerjay turner Posts: 6
edited June 13, 2007 9:07PM in ANTS Load
I need to add a server variable from ANTS load. The application I am testing in sitting behind seure portal. Part of what it does is after authenticating it adds something to the request that ends up at the server as "SERVERVARIBLES". As your tool will not handle going through the portal (is uses a hard ware token) I want to fool the application to beleiveing the request came from the portal. I have tried adding header but this does not appear to work. Any help will be appreaciated.


  • This was problem of understanding. I did not know that the server prepends "HTTP_" to the begining of all of the headers. I was looking for a specific header and sent the full name I was looking for. This was not good. Sorry to bother you and I hope my mistake will help others in the future.
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