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compare database properties

vbhackattackvbhackattack Posts: 3
edited June 12, 2007 8:42PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Two questions:

Does SQL Compare handle database properties of the sort that appear in the CREATE DATABASE statement? I want to compare two databases, not the objects within.

Can SQL Compare or SQL Package or another tool produce SQL scripts (not SQL Package .NET exe or C# project) without having to compare to something, just script those selected objects. Sure I could pick the target as the Northwinds and just ignore all the target objects, but it would be simpler to just tick a box, compare to nothing, or script source database only.


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    At the moment SQL Compare will only compare at the object level, rather than the database or server level. However, introducing server level comparisons is something that the developers are very interested in introducing in a future version.

    In response to your other question, if you want to create a package for a new database install, all you need to do is not tick the 'upgrade an existing database' option. This will create a package that will install the database from scratch on a SQL Server.

    If you want to do this through SQL Compare, the best method would be to compare the schema to a blank database. This would mean that you wouldn't have to worry about excluding certain objects from the target database.
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