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SQL Backup v5

plavalleplavalle Posts: 8
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Please excuse the potential improper etiquette above; this is my 1st post!

I just attempted to restore 57 tiny DBs (this is a very unusual, one-time situation) to my OLAP SQL Server. These backups where created yesterday evening. The tiny DBs were created yesterday morning on my OLTP SQL Server, in error, by a stored procedure executed by an Agent Job—once per minute! Someone had improperly modified the Production SP without any prior notice; and the process “ran away” until the allocated space on the drive array was almost full! Unfortunately, each "tiny" DB contains a small amount of Production data. Regarding the restore to the OLAP Server; both SQL Servers are at the same revision of SQL Backup, v4.0.6.815. When I selected all 57 files, SQL Backup displayed the error message: "Please select a smaller number of files. Exceed allowed size of file names by 337 characters." This; however, is NOT the problem that worries me… I removed the 57 files from the restore window and reselected 22 backup files. SQL Backup then displayed the error message that is the “actual” problem: "Failed to determine backup file type. Ensure that the SQL Backup service is running." I checked the process list and the SQBCoreService.exe was running! I hope that I will not have to restore all 57 DBs one at a time (this is not my assumption). In the Messages Section in the bottom window of the SQL Backup GUI; the following error message was displayed: "NEED: 4053". Is this possibly a bug? I do not think that "SQBCoreService" is the problem; it restored the “main” OLTP Production DB (278 GB) last night successfully, which a scheduled nightly job! Does anyone know what error #4053 might be? I will probably stop and restart the service as a 1st attempt to "work around" the problem. If that does not "do the trick", I will try rebooting the server; however, my "gut" instinct tells me that this to will also (most likely) not "solve" the problem... Any guidance or support with this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,
Peter J. LaValle Jr.


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    SQL Backups' GUI cannot restore multiple databases. It allows you to restore from multiple files that make up the same backup set, or restore from multiple transaction log files for a single database.

    NEED: 4053 indicates that the extended stored procedure could not display the entire message as the buffer provided was inadequate. It's probably due to an overly long error message.
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