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Log Files Not Restored - No Errors

schowgtlschowgtl Posts: 5
edited June 11, 2007 10:51AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I am having an issue with transation log backups using SQL Backup with SQL Server 2000 64-bit Enterprise Edition on a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition server.

For each database on my server, I have a scheduled job that copies the SQL Backup files from another server (with the same application versions and configuration) to my backup server and then restores the backup files. Typically, the backup files (both full and transaction) restore successfully. But several times a day, a log file will not restore - the job step is hung, no processing is occuring, and the SQL Backup restoration log file (.log) is empty. The .log file contains only this phrase:

SQL Backup log file

While this database's job is in limbo the restore jobs for my remaining databases are completing successfully.

Cancelling the job has no effect; killing the process results in a Killed/Rollback status, but the connection remains. I have to restart the SQLAgent to release the spid. If I restore the log file with the SQL Backup application it restores successfully.

Does anyone have any idea why the SQLBackup restore process hangs periodically and how can I avoid this in the future? Any ideas on how to stop the stuck job when it does happen without having to restart the SQLAgent service?


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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    Does stopping the SQL Backup Agent service release the spid?

    Would you be willing to run a debug version of SQL Backup that can help us to identify where exactly the process has hung? Backups and processes will run unchanged. The only addition is an extra function that will tell us what each SQL Backup thread is doing.

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    Yes, restarting the SQLBackup Agent does release the spid.

    Sure, I'd be willing to run the debug version to identify the problem. What do I need to do?
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