All tables becoming selected after execution of project.

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We have a SqlDataCompare project (version
) that is executed from a monthly SSIS package. The command line is something like this:
/project:"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Data Compare 5\999.999.999.999.Database1 v 999.999.999.999.Database1 02-05-2007.18-22-24.7343.sdc" /sync /force /verbose /out:"E:\SSIS\SSISLogs\SqlDataCompareOut.txt"

Server1 (source) is on the network and server2 (target) is a remote server. I use Sql Server authentication for both servers. Note that the /sync option is specified.

When I created the project, I only checked a select few of the tables. The package seemed to run OK the first several months, however, somehow all the tables became selected for comparison (synchronization) which is not what we wanted. I checked with the staff and no one has editted the project, except for perhaps changing the comments column. Is it possible that during one of the monthly runs, that the execution could have caused the project to default to all tables becoming selected and then saved the project in that state? Any help in troubleshooting this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks, Al


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    When you use the command line with a project file it will read the file and load the options and selections that have been made.
    I think is unlikely that the command line altered the project file as the ability to edit it project file is only included in the user Interface.

    However we are currently working on the next version so i will ask the testing team to include this type of issue in the testing schedule to ensure that there isn't a problem.
    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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