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Using 5.1 GUI. Can't schedule backup on 4.6 Server?

tdr0018tdr0018 Posts: 2
edited May 30, 2007 4:42AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I have just installed v5.1 on my desktop machine. All servers are still v4.6. I have imported the server connections from 4.6, but whenever I try to Schedule Backup Jobs or Restore while on the 5.1 desktop, the SQL Server dropdown is empty. Must I have V5.1 installed on a server before I can edit an existing or schedule a new backup job on that server from my v5.1 desktop?


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    Yes, you need to have the version 5 server components installed to use the version 5 user interface.

    (You can use the version 4 GUI with the version 5 server components, but not the other way round).

    If you click on the icon to the right of the server name (in the left hand server treeview panel) you can select to upgrade the server components from version 4. Or right click on the server name and select 'Install or Upgrade server components'.
    You will get a new 14 day trial license (which is fully functional license). You will need to reactivate your license on each server. If you have an upgrades contract the server will be activated, otherwise you will need to contact sales@red-gate.com in order to upgrade your existing license.
    Helen Joyce
    SQL Backup Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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