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Log Shipping : Multiple Databases, Same Schedule

csmcsm Posts: 17
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As I mentioned in another post, we're rolling out Log Shipping between two servers; one at each of our two locations - connected via a 1.5mb private line.

My question regards scheduling simultaneous jobs for the 3 databases.

We've scheduled the log shipping to occur every 15 minutes (restore on a 5 minute delay)... this results int he SQL Backup 5 timeline to show each job as colliding.

Currently we have 3 jobs on the source server, and 3 jobs on the destination server. Each set have the same schedule - causing them to appear as conflicts in the timeline.

What is the recommended way to handle this?

Some thoughts included consolidating the 3 jobs into a single job, with 3 steps, or offsetting each of the 3 jobs by a minute or two.

Curious what others recommend.

Thank you!


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    There are pros and cons to each approach, so it depends what you want to get out of it. I'll post a few thoughts to get the ball rolling, and hopefully others will add their own opinions.

    If you keep them as three seperate backups and restores and offset by a few minutes:
    + Will be supported by tools such as SQL Backup, because you are using the standard log shipping configuration.
    + Very easy to follow if the delays are much more than the expected duration - will work well unless the expected duration is much higher than anticipated (where collisions will appear again)
    - Requires more attention if backups and restores vary wildly in expected duration, since ultimately will result in the same collision problem.

    If you combine them all into one job with 3 steps:
    + All the steps will work one after the other, so the only collision that can occur is if the whole combined job exceeds 15 minutes.
    - Any changes to the jobs will need to be done via Management Studio, as it is unlikely to be supported in the SQL Backup user interface.
    - Care needs to be taken when setting up the job - if the first step fails, you probably want the second step to continue - which is usually not the default.

    Hope those thoughts help,
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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    A 'conflict' does not mean that one or more backup/restore tasks will fail.

    If your server can spare the CPU cycles and support the additional disk throughput that the 3 simulataneous processes will require, while maintaining an acceptable level of service for other 'normal' database activities, then you shouldn't need to reschedule your tasks.
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