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Is there a way I can modify where logtofile stores the logs. The default folder is not being sufficient.

Also I wanted to ask you....we have paid support on our license for 1 year i believe....am i in the right place for support or is the the public forum and licensed users have a different forum???


As far as the dynamic drop downs...I had to do a dirty html parser and its working fine now.

It would be nice to see ANTS have the ability to use objects/classes/controls/components such as MS web browser controls. (.mshtml)


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Danish,

    For now, this is the only support forum. In the future, the plan is to tie it in to support entitlements and create groups of users for registered, unregistered, and supported users. You should probably write me directly.

    Anyway, that said, ANTS Load is hard-coded to write to <appdir>\AntsTraceLog.txt. It will overwrite the log on every load test as well.

    If you want to include the information in the report instead of the text file, you could use the reporterror or reportwarning methods instead.
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