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Start SQL Agent - Failed

HorstHorst Posts: 2
edited May 25, 2007 11:52AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

i have a problem to run the daily backup job.
On the Jobs tab it says "Your SQL Server Agent does not appear to be running" if i click "start sql server agent" it says:

Start SQL Agent - Failed

Start Agent - Failed

'StartService()' hat den Fehler '1060', 'Der angegebene Dienst ist kein installierter Dienst.' zurückgegeben.

Refreshing server information - Successful

This operation completed successfully.

The manual backups are ok.
I am using server 2003 and sql express 2005.

Thanks for help.


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    The message 'The indicated service is not an installed service' occurs because you are using SQL Server Express edition - which does not offer the SQL Server Agent.

    Since SQL Backup uses the SQL Server Agent for scheduling, unfortunately this means you cannot schedule backup jobs via the standard graphical user interface tools.

    The ideal solution is to use a version of SQL Server the supports the SQL Server Agent (anything but express).

    However, if you cannot justify the upgrade, there is a "workaround" of sorts, where you can generate the Command Line statement using the backup wizard, insert it into a batch file, and then use "Scheduled Tasks" to run the batch file on the schedule you want.

    It's far from ideal, but should be a reasonable substitute for the Agent, although it isn't clear how reliable or stable the Scheduled Tasks functionality is, so be wary if considering it in a production environment.

    Hope that helps,
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