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I am unclear on the licensing cost per server for the Pro edition. Can multiple servers be backed up remotely without additional cost per server or is a new license need for each server added to SQL Backup?


  • Hello,

    The way the licensing works is that to back up a SQL server, you need to install the SQL Backup extended stored procedures on that SQL server. And for every server the extended stored procedures are installed on, a license is required.

    So basically if you are backing up a server with SQL Backup, you require a license for it. However if you have the Pro version of SQL Backup and are administering the backups on remote SQL servers from a workstation, you do not need a license for your workstation.

    I hope this helps - if you have any more questions, please ask.
    Red Gate
  • Hi,

    If installing on a two node active passive cluster, do you need a license for each server node ??
  • Hi,

    If you need to run backups using SQL Backup from the passive node of your cluster, you will need a license for each node as they are both physical servers which require the extended stored procedures to be installed. Therefore for your cluster you will need two licenses.

    However if you never need to run backups from your passive node (ie you never would use the passive node unless there was an emergency), and hence you do not install the SQL Backup extended stored procedures on the passive node, you will only need one license.

    I hope that this answers your question.
    Red Gate
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