Trying to connect to a SQL2000, but SQLCompare tries 2005

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I'm trying to connect to a remote DB on my network by IP, but after I enter the SQL server authentication credentials and click on the dropdown to choose the appropriate DB to compare, I get this error:


It appears that SQLCompare is trying to connect to the SQL 2005 Server on that machine, how do I force it to load the SQL 2000 databases instead?



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    This error message doesn't necessarily mean you're trying to connect to a 2005 server - it just offers some troubleshooting information that might be useful if you were trying to connect to a 2005 server. In fact, the error message has no idea what the target server version is, because it hasn't managed to find the server at all. The most likely cause of this is that the network connection is not working, or the IP address is incorrect, or the server is not running. The server might also have had remote access turned off (while remote access is enabled by default on 2000 it is possible to turn it off).
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  • Thanks Michelle. I've upgraded to the newest version of 3.x

    I've now got (thanks Brian) and I now get this message instead of the original one when I select the drop down to load the available databases.

    "SQL Server does not exist or access is denied."

    I'm trying to access the Local instance of my co-workers SQL 2000 DB. I've checked the properties on her SQL SERVER and "Allow other SQL Servers to connect remotely to this SQL Server using RPC" option on the Connections tab of the SQL Server Properties is checked.

    I have no problems doing a compare up to our staging machine... any thoughts?
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    Have you tried the old trick of including 'TCP:' in the server box? For example:
    Sometimes the .NET 1.1 Framework arbitrarily chooses the wrong network library (named pipes) or decides on TCP but then changes its' mind mid-stream.

    This problem seems to be fixed in .NET 2.0, but as I recall SQL Compare 3.x did not run on the 2.0 Framework.
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