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Snippet Functionality

akmacdonaldakmacdonald Posts: 21
edited November 8, 2007 1:15PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Snippets are a great idea but the implementation does not help my use of them.

Why do we need to bring the candidate list up for snippets. Would it not be much more useful to just type "ssf" and a completion key for example and have the snippet replaced for us. A kind of auto correct I guess.

This is particularly true (I think) if you are like me and have the candiadte list set to manual.



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    paschottpaschott Posts: 71 Bronze 4
    Not sure how it works in your mode, but I set up snippets for my use and am able to type the snippet, then hit enter or tab (or sometimes even a period) and it puts in the code. My biggest problem is that it seems to do this too quickly most of the time. e.g. I've aliased one of my tables with an "i", but it's not in the current database. When I later try to type "i." + ColumnName, I often get INFORMATION_SCHEMA() popping up before I can blink. Undo, repeat, undo, repeat again, undo, type really quickly or hit ESC to stop the popup. :P

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    The way I have it set up is the pop up only comes up when I ask it to (with CTRL + Space). This way when I know exactly what I'm typing it doesn't interfere. However this means that snippets do not work and the completion keys just do what you would expect them to do in any other text editor. So to use the snippet I have to bring up the candiate list. It's OK but not great.

    What I would like is some kind of auto insertion of snippets.

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    I am on version 3.6. I can set the prompting to manual and when I type the snippet I can press TAB and it will insert it.
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