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Hello there,

I'm running a data compare project on a set of tables and I would like the rows in the destination tables to be identical to the ones in the source database. What I see happening is that if there are rows in the destination database that do not exist in the source database, it will leave those rows after I run the synchronization wizard. Ideally, i would want to have those rows in the destination database deleted, as i want the rows from the source database to exist in the destination database and only those rows. I do have foreign keys on these tables and my guess is that the software is not removing the rows in the destination tables due to foreign key constraints.

Is there a way of clearing out all of the data in the destination tables and then performing an insert from the data in the source tables with this tool?


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

    Data Compare doesn't work quite like that. It will insert missing rows into the destination and delete rows that don't exist at the source. The 'Actions' icon allows you to modify this by selecting only rows from the left or only rows from the right in case you do not want data to be inserted or deleted during the synchronization.

    The program does not have 'bulk insert' capability at this time: it cannot drop and rebuild a whole table.

    There is no sensitivity to foreign keys, either, but if they are causing errors during synchronization (and chances are that in the middle of a synchronization, you will have incorrect referential integrity), then you have an option in the project settings to temporarily disable foreign keys. The reason I bring this up is that Data Compare scripts batch updates for each table, so even if you update both tables you will have an RI issue in the middle of the update, but the RI will be restored when the script gets around to updating the second table.
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