Unable to run C# project from SQL Packager

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Hi Robert,

These seem to be to be some very common errors that come up when running SQL scripts produced by SQL Compare rather than formatting errors. The second one is a known problem in that when SQL Compare compares two NT database users, it sees a difference if the machine name is different. In other words, it will try to migrate 'A\ASPNET' because it's different than 'B\ASPNET'. When the script runs on the server, though, SQL Server will not create the user because a user called ASPNET already exists in the database!

The invalid column error is a mystery. It could be something as simple as already having the same column name in the table with a case difference. In that case, you could set the 'treat items as case-sensitive' SQL schema option.

More often than not, the error comes up when scripting a stored procedure due to dependency problems or linked servers that don't support ISOLATION LEVEL SERIALIZABLE.

Hopefully this information will help solve the problem.
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