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Feature Request - Add Uncheck All option to Filter Objects

kleesmankleesman Posts: 12
edited May 16, 2007 6:22AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I'd like to suggest adding an Uncheck All option to the Filter Objects panel. I'm syncing databases that haven't been kept up to date, and it's a bit overwhelming to see everything at once, so I do one type at a time, (tables, then views, then SP's, etc).

With the sql 2005 specific object types it takes me 25 individual checkbox clicks to turn off all but one option.



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    Another request:

    When synchronizing I normally launch the script in SQL Query Analyzer. Could you get the program to remember that or allow me to set a default vs. "synchronize databases now". It would be nice not to have to set that each time through.
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    Hi Kyle,

    Some good news and some bad news:

    1) You will be please to hear that if you right click in the Filter Objects Panel there is a context menu that allows you to do just this.

    2) If this becomes a more popular request we may look into it, but at the moment I cannot see this being implemented in the near future.

    Hope this helps, and sorry I cannot be more helpful.

    Kind regards,

    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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