SQL COMPARE XML argfile encrypt username/password????

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We have an automated build process that includes sqlcompare command line for syncronizing tables and sprocs. I have a couple of questions:

Can we encrypt username/password in the xml argfile?

Do you know how to have it pass credentials using local accounts in a MS Cluster server. ?

I get an error in SSMS when I try to add the local account from a clustered server, I can browse out to find the user, it displays for me, it allows me to assign a database to the account, it allows me to select what roles but as soon as I click OK, it pops up an error:
WindowsNT user or Group 'CLUSTERSERVERNAME\USERNAME' not found.
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    The XML argfile for SQLCOMPARE.exe does not have the ability to store encrypted information. What you could do is use a SQL Compare project file and call it using the /pr argument. The project file will contain an encrypted password for SQL authentication users.

    I'm fairly certain that MSCS cluster servers can only use domain accounts, as long as you're connecting through the virtual IP address of the cluster. Using a local account wouldn't be such a great idea anyway, as you will have authentication problems if the server ever fails over.

    Hopefully this helps!
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