Tables Obviously Different but SQL Compare says are the same

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I have two tables in two different SQL 2005 databases that are obviously different but SQL Compare does not show them as different no matter how many times I refresh the compare. Columns were added to the source database that are not in the target. The file diff at the bottom shows the differences.

I have version The update says there are no updates.


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    Hi there,

    The only thing that springs instantly to mind that would cause this behaviour is that you have a different column order in your tables, but the same columns. If this is the case then enabling the "Force column order" in the "Project Configuration>Options>More Options" dialog will ensure that the top grid detects this as a difference.

    Otherwise, if you can provide a script example of both the tables, and what options are you running with we can have a go at working out what is going wrong?


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    OK what I found is that the tables are equivalent but not the same. SQL Compare appended the new columns to the end of the column list. Other times it always put them into the same cardinal positions as in the source. I do not know why it did it this way this time. I had to manually sync the schemas in Visual Studio. Perhaps it is a bug.
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    That's it. I do not recall ever changing this option. Thanks.
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