Feature suggestion- allow SQL Refactor to work in batch mode

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edited May 9, 2007 10:20PM in SQL Refactor Previous Versions
This might be on your list already. Either SQL Refactor should come with some command line tool that you can run in batch mode or the plugin should allow you to do something like open a project file in Query Analyzer that has a bunch of stored procs in it and then right click on the project (or even a subfolder in the project if someone has organized the files into multiple folders) and be able to choose an option to refactor all scripts in that branch.


  • Just noticed that someone else asked for it also and you guys have said you dont have any immediate plans about it.

    I solved the problem for now by collating all the scripts into one giant file, refactoring it and then running my own custom utility to copy the changes back into the individual files

    Command Prompt>for /R %F in (*.sql) DO output %F >> all.sql

    Refactor in query analyzer

    Command Prompt>UpdateStoredProcs all.sql
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