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Job disappears if edited

nmen07nmen07 Posts: 3
edited May 8, 2007 8:14AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
SQL Backup v5 on Windows 2003 server and SQL Server 2000.

After scheduling a backup job using the SQL Backup v5 tools I go to the job in EM and edit it. I add other steps as needed. When I go back to the Red-Gate tool the job disappears.

How can I get the job to stay in SQL Backup v5 after editing?


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    The SQL Backup UI tries to detect SQL Backup jobs, parse them and figure out which jobs are backup jobs and which are not, when they are going to run, which database they affect and how long each run of the job will run.

    After your changes the UI is no longer picking up your job as a SQL Backup job.

    In this case its probably because you have multiple steps - for this case we had a long discussion on how to deal with editing and displaying these sorts of jobs and decided initially that it was best to deal with them in the most simple way which was not to support it - Our thought process was we wanted to spend our time working on making the Timeline and job editing/creation as good as possible rather than spending time on writing a more generic job editing UI. There is another issue with multi step jobs which is trying to predict how long the steps before the backup step will run for so we can show them accurately on the timeline.

    It would not be that difficult to change the UI's logic so that if a job has multiple steps and just one of those performs a backup we could allow editing of that step via the UI - I'm not sure what we will do for the timeline but we will have a good think :). If enough people want it we will have a serious look at it for 5.1.

    Just for reference the following things will definately stop the UI picking up on SQL Backup jobs

    - Multiple steps in the job (let me know if this causes you problems)
    - Use of Dynamic SQL
    - Use of Dynamic SQL Backup statements
    - Use of stored procedures which wrap the SQL Backup call

    - James
    James Moore
    Head of DBA Tools
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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    I am indeed running multiple steps within the job and one of which is the backup step. My scenario must be fairly common. How do others deal with tasks such as check database integrity, shrinkdatabase, rebuild indexes, update stats? Do they do them as separate jobs?
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