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jackslyfieldjackslyfield Posts: 6
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I am comparing an empty (no data) database to a production version of the database.

Your software responds saying there are indexes / keys on the production version but none on the empty database version. However, a simple SP_HELP on the table shows the indexes do exist. This is true for either database.

I need to get a clean run. What's up?

Thank you,
Jack Slyfield


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Jack,

    Honestly I have no idea. If the SQL Compare settings were set to ignore indexes, it would do it for both sides. What is the output from sp_help on the table and what kind of indexes are these? Are they fulltext indexes, or regular clustered/nonclustered/unique indexes?
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    I have received a second copy of the empty database from the vendor. This copy compares correctly. I've no idea what the issue was with the first copy. I can only conclude it was somehow related to the database being 'zipped' when I recieved it.

    That is not much of an explaination to me. None the less, this issue can be closed.

    Thank you very much for working with me on this issue.

    Jack Slyfield
    Mutual of Enumclaw
    Enumclaw, Washington, USA
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