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Lite, Standard or Pro

bill.wehnertbill.wehnert Posts: 27
edited May 2, 2007 4:29PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I currently have three licenses for Pro for my servers, I have a number of developers that I'd like to install the product on their desktop, so we can more easily get a copy of the production database for development without actually hosing up production :D .

I use 256 bit encryption and compression on the database and want to be able to just restore the backup without having to decompress first.

Can I purchase Lite versions for my developers so they can at least do the restore without having to decompress first, or do I need to get Standard?

Is that even possible? Or would I have to drop my encryption level to 128 and purchase Std for each developer?

I'm not too concerned about having the devs encrypt their database in a backup from their local machine, because we don't really back that part of it up. We backup up code (script files, etc) each day - but not the DB as it's assumed it's all just dev work.


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    Hi Bill,

    A lite license will allow you to restore a 256 bit encrypted backup - contact the sales guys if you would like a test lite license and I'm sure they will be able to help you out,


    - James
    James Moore
    Head of DBA Tools
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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