How To Get The Databases To Synchronize.

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Following the example in your tool kit, I believe I have figured out how to load a project within VB.NET and COMPARE the how to I get the databases to synchronize?
        ' Copied From Synchronizing,Data Example In Help Fule
        Dim objProject As Project = Project.LoadFromDisk("c:\FooBar.sdc")

        'get the two databases
        Dim db1 As New Database
        Dim db2 As New Database
        Dim mappings As New SchemaMappings

        'Should check if this is true
        Dim livedb As LiveDatabaseSource = DirectCast(objProject.DataSource1, LiveDatabaseSource)

        'Should check if this is true
        livedb = DirectCast(objProject.DataSource2, LiveDatabaseSource)

        mappings.Options = objProject.Options
        mappings.CreateMappings(db1, db2)

        'Disable any mappings here that you may want....
        Dim session As New ComparisonSession
        session.Options = objProject.Options
        ' The Databases Are Now Compared
        session.CompareDatabases(db1, db2, mappings)
        ' How Do I get them to be synced?


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    Please take a look at the sample code below which is from the Toolkit sample files located in the following folder:

    Program Files\Red Gate SQL Bundle 5\Toolkit Sample Files.

    To run the synchronization script, create a BlockExecutor object and call ExecuteBlock, passing in the ExecutionBlock object.
    You can receive feedback events about the progress of the comparison and synchronization by using the ICancellable interface.

    Dispose of the objects when you have finished using them.

    Option Explicit On

    'These code snippets rely on the WidgetProduction and WidgetStaging databases which can be created
    'from the toolkit.chm help file.
    'These snippets are provided "AS IS".

    Imports RedGate.SQL.Shared
    Imports RedGate.SQLCompare.Engine

    Module Module1

    Sub Main()

    'uncomment one of the lines below to run the sample


    Console.WriteLine("Press [Enter]")

    End Sub

    Sub SynchronizeDatabases()

    Dim db1 As Database = New Database()
    Dim db2 As Database = New Database()

    db1.Register(New ConnectionProperties(".", "WidgetStaging"), Options.Default)
    db2.Register(New ConnectionProperties(".", "WidgetProduction"), Options.Default)

    Dim differences As Differences = db1.CompareWith(db2, Options.Default)

    Dim difference As Difference

    For Each difference In differences
    'make sure the difference is selected so it is included in the synchronization
    difference.Selected = True

    Dim work As Work = New Work()

    'calculate the work to do using sensible default options
    'the script is to be run on WidgetProduction so the runOnTwo parameter is true

    work.BuildFromDifferences(differences, Options.Default, True)

    'we can now access the messages and warnings


    Dim message As Message

    For Each message In work.Messages


    For Each message In work.Warnings

    'print out the SQL used to synchronize

    Dim block As ExecutionBlock = work.ExecutionBlock

    Console.WriteLine("SQL to synchronize:")


    'and run the SQL

    Dim executor As BlockExecutor = New BlockExecutor

    executor.ExecuteBlock(block, ".", "WidgetProduction")

    'dispose of the objects

    End Sub

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