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Daemon POP3 Setting?

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
edited February 20, 2004 10:07AM in Aardvark
Hi Scott,

There's nothing in the documentation about it, so I'll cover it for you.
If you have Aardvark Gold, you can respond to issues by replying to the
emails that Aardvark send out via the rules that you've configured. Each
message goes out with a line that says 'DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE ===...' that
contains information to link that email to the correct issue number in the

Aardvark uses a standard Internet POP3 protocol to get these messages
from a mail server such as Microsoft Exchange Server. There are two registry
settings that allow this to happen:

'Daemon POP3 Server' The mail server to connect to.
'Daemon POP3 logon' The user name for the mail account. If MS Exchange, this
is probably a domain user logon
'Daemon POP3 password' The password for the POP3 logon. It's clear-text, so
I don't recommend using a 'real' user's account for Aardvark.

If the Daemon POP3 Server key is set, Aardvark will check for messages on
the mail server when AardvarkService runs its' timer interval (15 minutes by
default). If it's not set, Aardvark doesn't bother checking.


Brian Donahue
Red Gate Technical Support

"Scott Willhite" <mrswoop@tough.net> wrote in message
> What is the purpose of the Daemon POP3 setting? And is there
> which helps to explain how these fields should be set up and/or are used?
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