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from time to time i come across the need to compare my Dev DB to a DB on a production server i have very little access to. in some cases the Production server DB is huge and taking a backup to the Dev server for comparison is irrational. since i have a license for SQL Compare on the Dev platform, i think there should be some free utility that i can run on the production server that will only take a snapshot of the SQL structure. i will then move this snapshot to the dev server and compare my dev DB to the production DB easily.
Dan Avni


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    Hi Dan,

    This is possible -- if you have a professional edition licence for SQL Compare, you can distribute the command-line version to your clients after it has been activated on your computer (the distribution instructions are in the command-line help file). If you distribute the proper files and a batch command to run SQLCompare.exe to the client, you can use the /makesnapshot switch to create a snapshot file that they can then email back to you so you can compare the snapshot against your on-site reference database.
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    if i understand you correctly then the client will not need any activation? if this is the case then i am going to upgrade to the pro version.

    Dan Avni
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