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Using SQL Compare projects from command line

mcraig88mcraig88 Posts: 4
edited May 16, 2007 11:13AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I am trying to automate comparison and migration of schema and data from our Dev -> Test environments.

I need to be able to check the comparison projects into our source control system, then check them out and pass the path to these projects to the SQLCompare.exe program. However, I have found that I can only use projects that exist in my Local Settings path.

Is there a way to pass a physical path that is not in Local Settings?

Here is what I want to do
i.e. SQLCompare.exe /sync /pr "c:\src\compareProjects\DB1_to_DB2.scp"

However, I can only get this to work if the scp file exists in Local Settings path:
i.e. SQLCompare.exe /sync /pr "DB1_to_DB2.scp"

Thank you.


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    Hi there,

    Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. However, if you can hang on a little while longer (sorry no dates yet, but within this quarter) SQL Compare will be having a few changes to the projects interface. One of which will be that you will be able to use projects outside of the local settings folder.

    A beta should be out well before final release, so you can tell us whether these changes are too your liking.

    Hope this helps,

    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Still looking for ability to pass path to .scp file.
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    I am really sorry, I must have been asleep the day I answered this :oops:. I though you were refering to a SQL Compare UI related issue.

    I think I have spotted the problem, you have missed out the colon, between /pr and the filepath.
    SQLCompare.exe /sync /pr:"c:\src\compareProjects\DB1_to_DB2.scp"

    should be what you want. I have just tested this on my own machine, and it worked, let us know if you have any further problems.

    Kind regards,

    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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    Thanks, that took care of it.

    In a perfect world, all vendors of command line utilities would come together in perfect harmony and decide if a freakin' colon should be used on a command line or not.

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