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Formatting Problem/Suggestion

aaronkool29aaronkool29 Posts: 3
edited April 19, 2007 7:51AM in SQL Refactor Previous Versions
I would like to have the formatting so the Type is lined up. I would also like the = to be lined up when I do a select

@lProcedureName VARCHAR(100),
@lReturnCode INTEGER,

@lProcedureName = 'TestProcedure,
@lReturnCode = 0,
@lValue = 1234

Changed to the Following *(Note the Periods are just for Formatting on this post, those would appear as spaces in SQL)
@lProcedureName .VARCHAR(100),
@lReturnCode .......INTEGER
@lValue .................INTEGER

@lProcedureName. = 'TestProcedure,
@lReturnCode....... = 0,
@lValue................. = 123

Some of the procedures I use anywhere from 5 to 50 Parameters and when they are squeezed together it gets very hard to read. I would like to have it format it all in line to make it easier. The other big problem I have is once I have all the Declarations & = lined up when I run the SQL Refractor it screws up all my formatting. Thanks.


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