Should script generation run for more than 12 hours?

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edited April 5, 2007 9:38AM in SQL Log Rescue
I was not able to find out how long the "Generating Script" process should take. I was able to attach to the log file backup and see the Drop Table statements, select them, and run though the "Undo Operations" dialog.

Since then the Generating Script window has been showing the progress bar that has been running close to an hour now, and I just wanted to check on how long I should expect this to run. It appears to still be processing according to the bar.

I easily had close to 100 "Drop table" statements selected so I figured it would take some time, just not sure what is normal.

File Size--

LDF: 512MB



  • The answer is no. I let the scrip generation run though 24 hours, and then stopped it, selected less that the 100+ table drops and was able to return the script running fewer table drops the next time around.
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