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* Tab bug

unionguyunionguy Posts: 13
edited April 16, 2007 11:47AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Hi I just found a small bug with the select * and tab inserting all the field names.

If i have the following SQL and I want to add all the columns from the Job_Employer table if I type je.* and press tab it adds all the columns from the three tables to my select again. But if I type je.* and move to a different line and then move back to the je.* and press tab it adds only the columns from the job_employer table.

select j.JobID,
From dbo.Job J
LEFT JOIN dbo.Job_Chapter jc ON j.ChapterID = jc.ChapterID
LEFT JOIN dbo.Job_Employer je ON j.EmployerID = je.EmployerID

Thanks for looking into this.

--Edited to fixed sql bug.--


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    Thank you for taking the trouble to let us know about this.

    The details have been passed onto our developers and I am sure you will see this fixed in a future release.
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    One thing I have noticed -is that I am not getting the table alias included with each of the fields. It did expand only the proper table where I had prefaced with cpia.* and hit tab, but only the first column got my alias.

    I'd like to see the alias carried through the entire expand.
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