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Backup error assistance request

spraguetrspraguetr Posts: 6
edited March 26, 2007 9:44AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I'm using SQLBackup 4 to perform daily differential backups. SQLBackup generated this code as the job step:

DECLARE @exitcode int
DECLARE @sqlerrorcode int
exec master..sqlbackup N'-SQL "BACKUP DATABASES [*] TO DISK = ''F:\SQLBackups\<AUTO>'' WITH NAME = ''<AUTO>'', DESCRIPTION = ''<AUTO>'', DIFFERENTIAL, ERASEFILES_ATSTART = 30, COMPRESSION = 1, THREADS = 1"', @exitcode OUTPUT, @sqlerrorcode OUTPUT
IF (@exitcode <>0) OR (@sqlerrorcode <> 0)
RAISERROR ('SQL Backup job failed with exitcode: %d SQL error code: %d', 16, 1, @exitcode, @sqlerrorcode)

I'm getting an error message back that the job does not run, yet there are daily files created for each of the databases. The error message is:

Executed as user: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. SQL Backup job failrd with exitcode: 1010 SQL error code: 3024[SQLSTATE 42000](Error 50000). The step failed.

Can anyone shed any light on what the error codes mean - possibly suggest a correction?


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    Looks like I made the wrong selection. All databases were included in the differential backup, but you can't do that with MASTER.

    I've excluded the system databases from the daily differential backup and created a new daily full backup for the system databases. Will continue to monitor. :oops:
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