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I need to move a database that is about 1GB from a shared server where I have limited access to a dedicated server where I will have complete control. First, is SQL Packager the right tool for this job? Is there a better solution (either from red gate or elsewhere)?

And second, when I do the move, can anyone give any kind of approximate estimate of how long the copy and install will actually take for a 1 GB database? I am assuming that during the transfer the databases will be completely unavailable to user. Correct?

Thanks for any comments you can provide.


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    I think backup and restore may be the best tool for the job. There are still some pitfalls -- like any SQL database users that don't exist on the destination server need a login created in SQL Server security and linked together using sp_change_users_login.

    Packager works best when you need to install a database as part of an installation, or unattended database deployment, or the same to a site with no trained SQL Server administrators.

    If you have administrator access to both servers, you could back the database up, copy the .bak to the other server, and restore it to a new database name.
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