statistics showing as non clustered indexes in compare

russ_kwruss_kw Posts: 2
I'm using SQL Compare v. I've got a situation where I believe that user created statistics are showing up in the compare as non clustered indexes.

The scenario is this. I have a table in a SQL Server 2005 database, and if when I view it in SQL Server Management studio and expand the tree view, it shows that there is one clustered index, and 2 non clustered indexes under the Indexes, and under statistics it shows a bunch of statistics named either _dta_index_tablename_ or _dta_stat_nnnnn. I believe that these were created by a co-worker using the SQL 2005 Database Tuning Advisor.

Now if I use SQL Compare on this table, these _dta_index_tablename objects that show as statistics in the original table are showing as NONCLUSTERED indexes in the compare. So if I use the tool to sync it to another server, these end up as non clustered indexes.

I saw another post ( ... php?t=4172) that addresses a similar issue with the SQL data compare. Is this a bug in SQL Compare as well? If so, is there an estimated time a new version will be available.

It turns out that the _dta_index_ objects in the statistics were "hypothetical indexes", and according to the MS documentation are used and maintained by the Database Tuning Advisor, but nonetheless I wouldn't think they should be viewed as real indexes by SQL Compare.


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