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We've purchased the software suite with full API functionality.

Our first run trying to copy a database using SQL Packager has not been so successful.

After having disk space issues and no key errors, I finally got the process running against a 90 gb database only to get a System.OutOfMemoryException. Considering this workstation has 2 gb RAM and nothing else is running on it, I'd like to see how this software is actually usable.

Operating system: WinXP pro ( 5.1.2600 )
Sql Packager:
Database: Sql Server Enterprise 2005 ( on Windows 2003 Server )

To solve the first two errors, I created variable pointing to a network drive ( gig card ) and excluded the table with the missing key ( proprietary database ). Oh, and there was a permission snafu for creating a assembly object that I fixed.

If I could get past this memory problem, this software might actually have value. Thanks for your time.

Also, is there a setting to enable the job to bypass and report errors, while continuing to do the job of moving schema and data?


  • Hey, is this the support feature? No acknowledgement or anything indicating someone is actually looking at user problems?

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    Sorry, the support process needs to be clarified. The forums aren't 'official' support. That's not to say you won't get a solid answer. But if you want a formally tracked and logged support issue, the route to go is by email: [email protected].

    Packager's scripts are designed to rollback on error. You can disable transactions in the options, but this might leave you with a partial sync. I don't recommend it.

    OutOfMemoryExceptions are thrown on low disk space as well as a lack of physical memory. Setting the RGTEMP environment variable in a console, then running Packager, can get it to use a bigger hard disk. The default location for temporary storage is in your personal profile (c:\documents and settings) SET RGTEMP=d:\temp will get packager to use d:\temp instead.

    Hopefully this sorts the problems for you.
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