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Accessing backup information for none DBO's

SurinderSurinder Posts: 44 Bronze 2
edited March 21, 2007 5:13AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

We have a group of operators who are not DBA's but need to be able to see the log history of the backups.

At the moment i have given them DBO acess to the MASTER and MSDB databases.

Can i add them to any of the other groups instead of DBO?



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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    If you want to allow users to view the backup history using the SQL Backup GUI, you need to grant them access to the SQL Server instance and also to the sqbutility extended stored procedure, but not necessarily the dbo role.

    E.g. for a Windows user named 'backupaudit':

    - create the new user in Windows
    - grant this user access to the SQL Server instance
    - grant this user access to the master database. You need not grant the dbo role, just the 'public' role is sufficient
    - grant this user rights to run the sqbutility extended stored procedure e.g.

    GRANT EXECUTE ON sqbutility TO backupaudit

    This user can now use the SQL Backup GUI to view the backup and restore history, but will not have rights to perform backups and restores.

    You might want to create a Windows user group instead and grant the SQL Server rights to this group, then add the individual users to this group, to simplify user management.
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    SurinderSurinder Posts: 44 Bronze 2
    Thanks for that..
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    SurinderSurinder Posts: 44 Bronze 2
    I have also had to give execute access to sqbStatus.

    Otherwise once in a while the GUI would complain about not having access to it and drop the connection to the server.
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