Server does not exist or access denied with command line

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I've upgraded to SQL Server 2005 and I'm having problems using SQL Compare on the command line. I get the following message:

Registering databases
Error: Error Comparing localhost/Dezign vs localhost/EnterpriseMerchant : SQL
Server does not exist or access denied.
Press any key to continue . . .

I'm using version 5.1 of SQLCompare. Everything works fine in the GUI. I don't think it's a permissions problem, because my windows login is set up as a system admin in SQL Server. This worked fine with SQL Server 2000.



  • OK, I found that localhost doesn't work now that I've upgraded to SQL Server 2005 for some reason. I can either use my actual machine (which I don't want to use, because I want this script to be portable across machines) or I can use (local). Can anyone explain this?

  • I figured out the problem. I'm using the Developer edition of SQL Server 2005 and by default, the TCP/IP protocol is switched off. Turn it on and restart the service and localhost will work again.
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