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Intellisense drop down box too small

bill.wehnertbill.wehnert Posts: 27
edited March 12, 2007 11:29AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
The database I have inherited has field names that are sometimes unbelievably long. When that's the case, the dialog that shows up with the list of possible fields, the names aren't always readily visible. If I start typing, it sometimes will start showing me more, but for the really long fields it still truncates the end of the field name (I get ...).

Can you make the dialog larger? Or perhaps give the option of specifying a size or putting a horizontal scroll bar on the dialog?

Maybe an option to not roll back to the top or bottom of the dialog when you reach the end/top?

Oh yeah either a hot key or a menu option for SSMS that says "Refresh Cache for current DB". That would be a small time saver.

Other than that - I can't live without this tool. It makes my day so much easier - especially being new to my job.

I thought I was going to be lost when my old editor Speed SQL Edit went by the way when Quest (aka evil empire) bought out the company and sacked the product in favor of toad <blech> - but this tool has saved the day!




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    paschottpaschott Posts: 71 Bronze 4
    Agreed on the size of the drop-down box. I also have large field names and have a lot of trouble determining which is which.

    Also like the idea of a refresh button or hot-key for the current database instead of digging through menus and all that. While that works, it's not really user-friendly when you just want to update a single DB's schema.

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    Bart ReadBart Read Posts: 997 Silver 1
    Hi gents,

    Thanks for the suggestions regarding the refresh hotkey. I think that could be a real timesaver. The only difficulty for us, and the reason we don't have more hotkeys actually, is that there aren't that many "spare" key combinations available in either QA or SSMS that haven't already been mapped to some other function. It's certainly something we'll consider though.

    As far as resizing the drop-down goes there is a grab handle that you can use to resize it with the mouse. The grab handle is usually located in the bottom right corner depending upon where the popup appears. You'll also find that it remembers the size you've set between subsequent popups. We decided to do this rather than automatically resizing the popup precisely because long object names are not terribly uncommon and if the popup auto-resized it could end up getting in the way somewhat.

    Hope that helps.

    Bart Read
    Principal Consultant
    bartread.com Ltd
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    That's absolutely brilliant! Now I don't have to wait for an update! :)

    Alright then on the hot key, what about either A) a button we can add to the toolbar, or just a menu item that says "Refresh Cache Current DB"? That's really all I need, just something that would save me the few extra steps.

    One other question, how do I get SQL Prompt to show me objects in another database? I have two dbs that I use in production, and sometimes I want to query data from the other DB while still within my main DB. I do a select * from reporting.dbo. and instead of getting objects from that DB (which I know Prompt has cached), I only get objects from the DB I'm in. I looked at the options, but didn't see anything that leapt out at me. Of course you know that my next question will be regarding the prompts for linked servers (but we'll leave that for another day for now :lol: ).

    Great job over all - your products absolutely ROCK!
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    paschottpaschott Posts: 71 Bronze 4
    For the cross-database coding, you'll have to check out some of the other threads. My main problem with it right now (other than not working) is that I'll alias a table - e.g. MyTable as i - and I'll get the intellisense popping up so fast that when I attempt to use "i" later, I get IDENTITY() or whatever the first entry under "i" is for the intellisense helps. Maybe that will change when it works as expected. :)

    Agreed that there isn't that much need for a hotkey for refresh, just not needing to dig down through all of those menus. An extra button or something right on the main menu would be helpful.

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