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Registering Databases is very slow

barrylloydbarrylloyd Posts: 2
edited March 5, 2007 12:39PM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I hope you can help.
We have been using SQL Compare for several years now. Previously we had no problems comparing our local development database with remote production databases. This was with SQL 2000 databases and then when we moved up to SQL 2005.

However for some reason it now takes an extremely long time to complete the 'Registering Databases - Reading object text' step. In fact I cant even get this to complete at all - it has currently been running for over half an hour and is only at 1% (previously it would do a full compare within 5 minutes!).

(Note: when I compare the local development database to a remote database it quickly gets up to 50% then slows down - I assume the first 50% is doing the local database and then the problems are with the remote server?)

There have been several changes to our environment and I was hoping you might be able to suggest which (if any) of the following is most likely have had this negative effect...

1) We have upgraded to 64-bit version of SQL Server 2005
2) We are using Merge replication - therefore all the supporting SPs, triggers etc are present in both databases
3) We have moved our servers to a different remote site - however we have no known connectivity problems with that site.

Things I have tried (without success):

1) Ticking all the 'ignore' options before doing the compare
2) Checking that TCP ports etc are all open (note: I have no problem using SQL Server Management Studio with the remote server/databases)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
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