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Ok got another one. Hopefully its as painfully obvious as my last question.
DROP ASSEMBLY failed because 'PremierSoftware.SqlServer.BusinessData' is referenced by object 'up_CLR_StockHeaderSearch'.

Both 'PremierSoftware.SqlServer.BusinessData' and 'up_CLR_StockHeaderSearch' are in the same assembly!

So why would that stop itself being dropped?


  • Hi Andy,

    Less sure about this one. I am assuming that you are using the code that you supplied in your last post (and you know that they say about assumptions :)).

    If I am right, then you are using Options.None, which means that dependencies are not taken into account when creating synchronisation scripts. This means that the wrapper objects in your database that use the assembly and are dependent upon it are not being dropped prior to the assembly being dropped, causing this error.

    I would suggest using Options.IncludeDependencies or Options.Default (The default options for a comparison are:

    and avoid using Options.None

    Hope this helps,

    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
  • Yes I am (using the same code).

    Yes I do (though in this case it was the correct assumption ;))

    And that sounds spot on ... I shall swap Options.None to Options.Default and give it a blast!
  • Yup that sorted that one :)

    For the record would you prefer me to keep it as 1 problem per thread? or post any other problems i come up against on this thread?
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