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Hi Krishna,

ANTS Load script recorder should only pick up outgoing HTTP requests
from the Internet Explorer client only as long as the script recorder is
running. The way it works is to hook into the onNavigate event handler in
Internet Explorer and intercept all of the calls from the client end.
Anything that you do in IE will be recorded as long an the ANTS Load script
recorder is running, so you should only be simulating a virtual user during
that time.


Brian Donahue
Red Gate Technical Support

"Krishna Tulasi" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi,
> The record script records the requests of the images also
> Since there are lot of images on the page, there are various requests for
> the images:
> Example block:
> WebClient.POST("http://its-wks-01/CRT/login.aspx")
> WebClient.HttpRequest.ContentType = Nothing
> WebClient.GET("http://its-wks-01/CRT/loginMenu.aspx")
> WebClient.HttpRequest.Pragma = Nothing
> WebClient.GET("http://its-wks-01/CRT/Styles/style.css")
> WebClient.GET("http://its-wks-01/CRT/style.css")
> WebClient.GET("http://its-wks-01/CRT/x.gif")
> WebClient.GET("http://its-wks-01/CRT/img/buttons/btnSmOrange_login.gif")
> WebClient.GET("http://its-wks-01/CRT/img/cornerCoverBL_Blue.gif")
> WebClient.GET("http://its-wks-01/CRT/img/cornerCoverBR_Blue.gif")
> WebClient.GET(http://its-wks-01/CRT/img/dotlineV3Blue.gif)
> Is there any way we can AVOID making these http requests for the images.
> guessing the answer is NO.
> The reason, Im interested in this is coz, the result graphs indicate lot
> http requests in a page where there are lot of images involved.
> Thanks,
> Krishna
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