Refactor on Vista 64 bit?

Can it be made to work? Just upgraded my aging P4 laptop with a shiny new Turion64x2 that is running Vista Ultimate 64. Ran the Refactor install and it appeared to complete successfully. But when I open SSMS the Refactor menu is grayed out and stays that way.

Can it be made to work or is this recent software that I have come to love and depend upon no suitable for a modern OS?

Colorado USA


  • tgoldstein,

    As you are running a version of Vista, I imagine that you are using SP2 of SQL Server 2005, as anything lower is not supported by MS. This is the most likely cause of your problem as SQL Refactor is known to have issues on SP2. We are currently finishing testing the fix for this solution which should be out shortly. I will get someone from support to contact you with details of our interim fix for this.


    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
  • Hi Tim,

    Please check your personal messages - I have sent the details described above by Jonathan.

    Red Gate
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