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SQL Prompt 3 Improvements Suggestions

massybirdmassybird Posts: 5
edited February 15, 2007 10:34AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
Here are some suggestions for improving SQL Prompt (pardon if some are repeats of previous suggestions):

- smart(er) indenting of code/script
- ability to format an entire script with a hot-key shortcut - indenting, upper-casing keywords, etc.
- color highlighting of table and field names within the code/script, for better readability
- ability to add shortcuts via hot-keys, for example, ability to duplicate selected code/script to a line immediately following it, without having to do copy and paste
- remember preferences of pop-up window sizes when stretched, they seem to reset to some default size
- since you provide auto-completion for closing brackets '[]', parenthesis '()', quotes, etc., it would be nice to have an option to allow pressing the TAB key to put the cursor immediately after bracket, quotes or parenthesis
- when creating INSERT INTO Table_Name statements, allow an option to fill in all table columns, similar to what you do when you TAB after the asterisk '*' in a SELECT statement to list all column names


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    More improvements:

    - currently, you allow only one use of $CURSOR$, it would be fantastic if a snippet could contain more than one cursor position markers, so you could jump to each one in order that they appear with the use of the ENTER key; that is, type in code for first cursor, press ENTER to move to second cursor marker, type in code for second cursor, press ENTER... etc.
    - a shortcut key to jump to definition of a stored procedure when the cursor is on any part of the stored procedure name within a file - opens new window with stored procedure definition as it exists in the database
    - snippet import/export, i.e. template files, as suggested here: http://www.red-gate.com/MessageBoard/vi ... php?t=4230
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