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I am using SQL Compare to compare two SQL Server 2005 databases. When I look in SQL Server Management Studio I can see that the database object itself is different between the two instances.

For example, one has the Recovery Model set to Full and the other is set to Simple. One has ANSI NULLs and Quoted Identifiers enabled by default as the database level, the other instance does not.

I have looked through the SQL Compare project options and did not see how to configure it to detect these differences in the Database Options and hence create a change script.

Is SQL Compare currently able to detect and sync differences at the Database level and if not, can it be added as a project setting for those who would like it in the next point release?

Thank you,

- Jason


  • Hi there,

    At the moment SQL Compare will only compare at the object level, rather than the database or server level. I am afraid that this will remain the situation for the short to medium term future too. Sorry about this, but the schedule for the next release of SQL Compare is fairly tight, and feature list is now fixed.

    That is not to say that it will never be implemented, personally I think that it is a good idea, one that I would find useful with all the dbs I have to manage, and have added as a feature request list for the future.

    Kind Regards,

    Jonathan Watts

    -Project Manager
    -Red Gate Software Ltd
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