Missing Table in SQL Packager Data Compare

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Did a SQL Packager compare of two SQL2000 databases for an update. One table that I know is in both databases is not showing up in the Data part of the application. All other tables are showing up. There is nothing to different about the table. It has a GUID for it's primary key. Why is this table not showing up on the Data compare? I did try cleaning out the the older version of the table so that no data was contained in the table. That would generate all the INSERT statements. However, the table does not show up in the list of tables.


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    Can you please clarify this: Is the problem that the table doesn't show up in the list of tables whose data will be packaged, or is it simply that no insert, update, or delete records appearing int the data script for that particular table?
  • I'm comparing two databases for an upgrade. The table, which exists in both databases, does not show up in the Schema (there are some new fields added) or Data part of the Packager application. I even made the table in the older version of the database empty so that inserts would be generated in the script. The table still did not show up.
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    If you look at the table list in Enterprise Manager/Management Studio, is the table type of this table shown as 'System' or 'User'? System tables are automatically filtered out.
  • It shows the table as a User table, the Owner is DBO. And contains the following fields.

    ID_PK uniqueidentifier 16
    MetaReportID_FK int 4
    CreateUserID_FK uniqueidentifier 16
    ReportDesc_NV nvarchar 200
    WindowTitle_NV nvarchar 100

    CreatedDate_DT datetime 8
    ReportSetting_TX ntext 16
    ReportCriteria_TX ntext 16
    IsServerReport_BT bit 1

    ReportCategoryLookID_FK nvarchar 50
    SecurityEntityIDs_NV nvarchar 1000
    IsPublished_BT bit 1
    IsSystem_BT bit 1

    DataFormPrimary_NV nvarchar 50
    ReportURL_NV nvarchar 100
    Formular_NV nvarchar 500
    FormularTree_TX ntext 16
    AEMainEntityID_FK nvarchar 100
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    It looks like upgrade packages only package objects that are different between the two databases. The reason that you are not offered to upgrade any of the table's data would more than likely be caused by a missing or incompatible primary key.
  • The keys on this table are GUID's, they cannot be null. Not sure how they would become missing or damaged ?
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    The last comment was more about indexes. Is there an index on the GUID column, or a primary key?
  • Yes, there is an non-clustered index on the primary key.
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    Does the index have the same name/same column on both databases and are they both nonclustered?
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