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Evaluating ANTS profiler; no results for COM+ app

Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1

If the COM+ application is running because it was called by a service, there are a few special steps to follow to get results because ANTS Profiler typically profiles a harness application and stops profiling when the process exits.

What you'd need to do then is first, stop the BizTalk service. Next launch ANTS Profiler, open a new project and set it to profile your COM+ application by selecting it from the dropdown. De-select the 'use the following as a test harness' checkbox because you don't want ANTS Profiler to hook into any process. Once that's all set up, click GO.

Next, go into your Services control panel and start the BizTalk service. This will hopefully start up the COM+ application and ANTS Profiler should profile it. Because ANTS Profiler is waiting for the 'test harness' application to exit before it returns results, though, the only way that you can get results back is to use the 'get snapshot' menu option rather than clicking stop.

When you've got your results back, you can click stop in the ANTS Profiler control and stop and restart the BizTalk service.

Please let us know if this approach works.


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