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We are trying to load-test application using 'Topology' approach with 4000 virtual users, and are experiencing problems during the initial portion of the application. What happens is that all 4000 users are trying to log into the application and that always results in either application or ANTS Load crashing somewhere in the topology.

Is there a way to slowly introduce vUsers to application in increments of, say, 100 vUsers, so that after X minutes we can start the real performance test script?

Hope this is clear.

Regards, Bill.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    I think there are a few options that may help. One is to use one of the batch tests, to ramp up the number of users steadily. If you want them all to run at once, though, I think the best option is to add a RandomSleep() to the top of each script. You could probably even take this a bit further and use Me.Id to get the virtual client ID number, and use this in a sleep.

    For instance, if you used Sleep or randomsleep in conjunction with the virtual client ID, you could stagger each running virtual client by x*the virtual client id, for instance


    Every Virtual client would wait 1 second after the last virtual client had started.
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